Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And It's All Because....

Your mama don't dance and your daddy don't rock n roll.  

Well, I was beginning to think that everyone thought redneck, country girls didn't rock.  But being that I was born and raised in an area smack dab between George Jones' home and Janice Joplin's home I run the full spectrum.   Have to admit I like the clean, clear lyrics of earlier rock.  And I am very partial to Motown.  Daddy took me to see Ernest Tubb in concert when I was about 8.  And my sisters instilled in me that you always watch Elvis any chance you get. (BTW:  August is Elvis month on TV Land!  Movies, interviews and concerts.)

 I know everything from "My Bucket's Got a Hole In It" to "Hell's Bells".  Gracious!  Mama even clued me in on who Rudy Valley, Glenn Miller and Nat King Cole were.  But she didn't dance.  Brought up to be a good Baptist.  Daddy knew how to waltz.  I never got to dancing until I was out of high school!!  Then I seemed to make up for lost time.  The last 20 years or so most of my dancing has been dancing babies around. 

To make a long story short, Carolyn named me as a:   And I'm flattered!  Very. 

Now I'm supposed to pass the award on to five more rockin' ladies.  I know many who do.  I'm just not 100% sure who has already been rocked and who hasn't.  So, I'll just pick and hope for the best.

A new found friend of mine stirs up memories in her journal:  Do You Remember?  I don't even know her name yet.  But her screenie is ggjack7 and she's still got it going on in her 70's.  So she rocks!

A rockin' new tagger in J-land, lipglosslush7, has got it goin' on over at Juicy Apple Designs.  Her tags and sigs are young and hip.....so she's rockin'!

My friend, Vee, is keeping it real and unto the Lord over at Diary of A Sold Out Woman.  Nothing rocks more than that!

Marlene at A Poet's Point of View ROCKS with beautiful photos and stirring poetry.

And there's Donna.  Donna rocks because she is a devoted mom who shares cute and comical conversations with her boys over at Sweeping the Cobwebs of My Mind.  And she's a Texas girl!

Okay people, what are you still doing here?  Go, enjoy and

       ROCK N ROLL!!!!


  1. Thank You SOOOOO Much!!!!!
    Lots Of Hugs!
    This is something very cool going on! How neat!

  2. Good Job Barbara!  I always knew Texan girls rocked- (all my cousins do!)  That's neat though about being raised within shoutin' distance of cool music roots!  Sounds like you like the same music as me too~  God Bless you sister of mine!  Love Carolyn :)

  3. LOL, your post sure brought back some fond memories!  While we lived in "Beeville TX", we had pancakes and sat and watched Porter Wagner every Saturday night.  I think the parents moved from there to FL (dad was Navy), and somehow my mother talked him out of those familiar Saturday nights.  I am going to have take a listen to Ernest Tubbs...heard of him so often and I've probably actually heard his music but I'm terrible with musicians and their works of art.  Congratulations to the ladies you have dubbed "rockin", sounds as if they are all well deserving!

  4. LOL.. Your blog is beautiful ! It always is. I told you that you should be writing articles for some magazine. Now that I know that 'I rock' all I have to do is keep rockin' , can I borrow Elvis? smiling.. THANKS SO MUCH BARBARA! U ROck!

  5. Barb you are too kind, and believe it or not I will soon have to change that age thing again.  I can't thank you enough for thinking of me, I feel it is a real priviledge, but, I'm not sure if I can except this honor, I will think it over and let you know in my Journal, thanks again. gg/Jackie

  6. Heck yeaaa us Redneck Girls Rock!


  7. Congratulations, Paula

  8. Rock on!!!


  9. You do deserve it Barbara....you do rock, I have been tellin ya that for awhile....

    Congrats to you....I am glad you gave one to gg (Jackie)!!! she does ROCK...

    Love to you


    Home is home...eh?
    There's no place like it.
    I sure hope Heaven's alot like Texas.

  11. Very good pics!  And you do rock!

  12. Some good picks there!  Congrats to you on the award.  

  13. Glad you've got the music in you, Barbara, keep dancing!  CATHY

  14. butterflies4me04July 12, 2007 at 2:29 PM

    I checked a few of those journals out .. thanks for sharing!!


  15. Great entry!  I like the "real" classic rock and roll because as you alluded to, you can understand the words.  It was also not filled with lyrics about dope, suicide, and Satanism as a lot of it now is.  Congratulations on being a "Rockin' Girl Blogger"!  


  16. I love the mow town music too.  Love all those oldies but goodies.  Dancing is a wonderful thing, even though I was raised in Oklahoma by a Baptist minister who didn't even believe in women wearing pants or make up.  Thank you for sharing, Rock on.  I love you.

  17. Sweetheart I know you rock cause before I popped into Life & Faith in Caneyhead I was over in your Marriage Devotions journal and I read it all the way through.  You are so gifted, you rock all the way around.  As I read down your list of those you picked as rockers too I was absolutely suprised that there among your five was my blog.  I sit here with tears rolling down my check because the fact that you included me in this wonderful rocking group touched me deeply. I suppose one calls that being humble.  I get touched deeply a lot these days, I suppose a brush with God does that to you. Anyway, Thank you very, very much and congratulations to you because You are th Queen Rocker.

    Oh yes, I wanted to let you know from your marriage devotions I wrote a quote you made down in a little index card journal I carry with me and it was - God doesn't need a perfect tool - just a tool!   You certainly are one the perfect tool.

    Blessings to you,

           Marlene - A Poet's Point of View

  18. well considering the name or my journal I suppose you know where I stand on the subject. I'm a hard core rocker but am discovering a lot more music on the christian rock scene as well. I too grew up with motown. Heck, I live less than 40 minutes from it. I still get fired up when I here Jr Walker or the Temps or Tops or Supremes. The old Jackson 5 back when Michael was black and sang songs about liking girls... yep, I still love that stuff... thanks for bringing back some old memories Barbara...

    God Bless You and yours... Mik

  19. Congrats!!!!!!!


  21. Everyone should be clued up on Nat King Cole.


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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