Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The chicken's story

The chicken's story : First you have got to go read this little story over at FazeDaze! And be sure to look at both pictures! Are you not totally blown away by it's simplicity, yet it's significance?!

First she's talking about it seeming like another life.  And there is a whole lot of pretending going on.  Our lives apart from Christ are a whole 'nuther life.  And pretending is always a part of them.  Pretending we don't need God, pretending we are good enough on our own, pretending there is no tomorrow.

Then by chance she sees something she really likes, the chicken.  But she knows the price is too high.  Perhaps you see people weathering the storms of life with hope and certainty.  Perhaps it's joy.  Perhaps it is Christ mirrored to you in someone.  You want to have what you see.  But the price is too high.   

Then she drops it and causes a chip!  The owner sees it.  So one day you come face to face with your need and the sin in your life.  You know God sees it.  You see it.  No denying. 

The owner walks over.  He's a gentleman.  She nervously inquires of the cost.  God comes to you.  The Holy Spirit.  He's a gentleman.  He doesn't offend.  He doesn't push.  Yet you tremble, afraid you cannot meet His demands.  The price will be too high and you can never make it right!

But he looks her square in the eye and tells her she can have it!  The chicken goes home to live with her.  And God tells you "It's paid for."  It's yours.  You may have salvation and eternal life!  You can take Christ home to live in your heart!  It's a gift.

And she was thankful.  And you would be thankful to God!  Thankful for a new, fresh start.  Thankful for His love and mercy.

Did you lookat the second picture????  What did you see on the bottom of the Chicken?

                                                              A cross.



  1.    BEST KEEP GOD IN OUR LIVES     -     sam

  2. hello sweetie thank you so much for sharing this have a great day God bless kelley

  3. thanks for shairing this :)

  4. I like your anology Barbara and I love the bottom of the chicken!!  Have a wonderful evening!  Love carolyn

  5. you took a little memory and turned it into a lovely lesson. Great job.

  6. Wonderful reminder!

    Kara :)

  7. Awesome entry!!!  Thank you for sharing!

  8. Well, I sure need to get to your page more often.  Great entry.  I love you.

  9. I love your version of this chicken story. Thank you so much for sharing! You are a wonderful lady Barbara. In case I have forgotten to tell you lately, love ya.

  10. I am with Michele.  I like your version too!  You really have a way of simplifying things to where anyone can understand what you are saying and as always, I find you very inspiring!



  11. Thank you for sharing your chicken story!  Via CarnivAOL!

    be well,

  12. Nice and Simple story.     Tracy

  13. I like your version as well!  Thanks for sharing.  De ;)


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