Wednesday, October 25, 2006

That's a Great Idea!

  I went over to a new journal ... well, new to me, yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised!  There I met a young man named Kellen.  He is a Senior in high school and apparently passionately devoted to Christ Jesus and to his faith...Catholicism. 

Now, many of you may gather, if you have read me for very long, that I am of a Protestant denomination.  So, I readily admit there is much I do not know or understand of Catholicism.  But, what I read and saw at Kellen's journal I do know:  a belief in the body and blood of Christ to cleanse us from all sin and a calling to prayer as His disciple.

This dear fellow has a wonderful idea of praying for our country, world leaders, world peace and each other.  He has a plan set up in such a way that he can accomodate Catholics in the Eucharist and others in their own daily time of devotion and prayer.

Please go over and check this out at Faith in Roman Catholicism!  It is a wonderful opportunity on many levels:  support a young Christian in service to their Lord, encourage a fellow journaler, be involved in a wonderful prayer initiative, and perhaps learn more about your own or another religion.

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  1. Will check it out, hon. It does sound like a wonderful idea.

  2. I'm checking it out.

  3. Have been reading Kellen's journal for a little while, and can only have respect for the depth of her convictions, particularly in one of her age.


  4. Being brought up Catholic and having gone to Catlolic schools as did my relatives before me, I question the catholic religion. Since then,  have studied religion and I not been able to continue with that religion. But to each, Its own. I will check out the journal you have reccommed.


  5. Thanks so much for the link, and for the compliments.  It means a lot to hear that.  God Bless.

  6. that is a great idea. It always makes my heart sing when I see a young one serving the Lord with passion~ thanks for sharing


  7. I'm going to go there right now- thanks Barbara- it's always nice to find journals from other Christians, and refreshing from a younger brother or sister!  God Bless, and have a great weekend!  Love Carolyn

  8. hey you.... wanted to stop by and say hey!!!
    hope all is well with you and your family....
    have a good one!

  9. I'll go and stop by now!

    Shermeen xx

  10. Hey Barbara thanks for stopping by and for the lead to this young mans journal.  You mentioned that the Saratoga lights over in your part of Texas, have you ever seen them?  Perhaps you can share their story would love to hear about them.  Some many mysterious things in our world, will wonders neve cease.

    Marlene-A Poet's Point of View

  11. I read this journal and love it.  Kellen is an oustanding young man, and one of great faith.



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