Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yheeee Hhaaawww!!


I am so thrilled right now!!  I took a chance that is old, slow, machine I am stuck with would actually do what I wanted today and I FINALLY got to post this graphic from Donna I've wanted to use so badly.

Looking forward to tonight.  I'll be there with bells on!!  Hope to see you all there. 

I know there are many parties and things planned for afterward, but if any of you don't have something planned yet you are welcome to come back to Caneyhead with me.  Pete's gonna have a fire going, the shop fan running out under the big oak tree to cool us.  There will be tables set up for 42, horse shoes and washers.  Bubba will be the DJ, spinning swamp gold CD's on the system in his truck.  Country style ribs cooked over the fire.  Hope you can make it!  Might want to bring a change of clothes just in case we all get crazy and decide to go muddin' down the pipeline.  Welcome to my life.  ;o)


  1. Your party sounds like so much fun I think I might just hobble on down your way. Oh, and I will bring a change of clothes to be on the safe side. Hugs, Helen

  2. Yep that would have been my kind of party. Paula

  3. oh that sounds fun!

  4. Isnt this all so much fun!!!  Thanks for the invite :)


  5. yummm i want ribs, lol


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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