Thursday, August 3, 2006

Hit the Nail on the Head!!

Well friends, Cammie has done it again.  Hit the nail on the head!  No beating around the bush!  Please read her brief but powerful entry at JESUS,JESUS,JESUS!!! 

Why do we have such a hard time learning this valuable lesson?  Why do we seem to forget it over and over? 

I first learned it in my late teens & early twenties, when I lost my father, my middle sister and then my mother in a span of less than 6 years.  And in some ways it did change me for life.  Positive ways.  Treasuring people and events. 

Yet, still I lost much of the lesson.  I re-learned it when Jesus first called me back to Himself at the age of 32.  Then over time, I let a lot of it slip away.

Got a refresher when we first moved up to Caneyhead, 8 1/2 years ago.  We had no frills and such.  Spent a lot of time outside around a fire each evening....just the three of us then.  Hardly ever a TV on.  No where to all sit comfortably to watch it. 

And then in the aftermath of Rita, the same points driven home again.  Yes, times were very rough then, but each day was all of us together.  Neighbors that never visit, made their way as they came back into town to talk and compare stories.  We amused ourselves with the simplest things.

AND in all these times there was the time to "Be still and know that I AM God."


  1. It does take certain things happening to bring us back. Very nice entry. Paula

  2. I went over and read it. What a wonderful entry.

  3. I shall go over and read it right now.

  4. What a wonderful entry, Barbara!

    Thank you for leaving me a comment over at my place. I think I could learn a lot over here, so I'll be back to visit sometime! God is good and He never lets go....I had been away from church for a long time and recently started going back. What a joy!


  5. hello friend so glad to be aable to visit your journal again i so missed you and the encourgament you give thank you for this entry we do just forget or what ever sometimes but i still hold tight and try and be silient and know he is God take care my frined thank you so much for your love i love you deeply and for your prayers and encourgment God bless kelley


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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