Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Let's All Go to The CarnivAOL

Come one, come all to the CarnivAOL!! 

Have you ever been?  I went recently after seeing a post about it over at Donna's.   I enjoyed getting out of my usually routine and exploring some new places, meeting some new people.  I really think you might enjoy it, too!!  

For any who don't know, it's a place where AOL bloggers can submit an entry that they are proud of, worked extra hard on, or that is close to their heart.  There links to those entries are provided.  I submitted my entry "Mama".  And there are nine other entries listed there this week.

So go explore at the CarnivAOL.  It's open 24/7!     


  1. I saw your entry... I'm thrilled you gave it a try.  It's lots of fun and a great way to meet new folks!

  2. LOL guess we are all over AOL this week.. first the Editor spots and now CarniAOL. " )

  3. Hi...

    Thanks again for stopping by my journal. Come back when you can sit a spell.


  4. hello friend cute graphics seen this same thing in mary journal but how do you find the time to go and look there i have so many journals on my fav already it would be harder to add more lol hope jyou have a great week God bless kelley

  5. I have never been there.

  6. Carnivaol is a great thing isn't it???  That is how I found you!

    be well,

  7. I discoverd CarnivAOL a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed finding new journals to read this way. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time or energy recently to spend as much time in journal land as i'd like, but hopefully that'll all change over the coming weeks!

    Shermeen xx


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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