Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just Do It!

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So, how many times has someone crossed your mind:   

I ought to call Jill and see how the interview went. 

I really should stop by and see Jane and the baby.

Maybe I'll send Jack a note later.

Wonder if Pam would like one of these, too?

If it weren't so late, I'd take that neighbor a plate and visit.

The list goes on and on and is often very long. Thought of others.  Good intentions.  Little nudges that creep into our day as we go about the business of living.

So, how often do you actually do the thing that crossed your mind?!  Ouch.  The list is relatively short.  Maybe 10-20% of all the thoughts actually are acted upon.  At least for me.  What about you?

There are numerous reasons we can't/don't act on all those thoughts:

They'd think we were crazy.

It's none of my business.

I don't have the time today.

I'm really short on cash.  Better wait.

My car isn't running very well.

Spouse wouldn't understand.

You get the idea.  I know them all.  I've used them all.  But thank God in Heaven sometimes I don't!!!!!   Sometimes I actually do the thing that comes to mind.  Many times I feel some appreciation for the thing, and that's all.  But then there are the times when I get to glimpse/know the result......and praise be to God!!

I'll share a few briefly with you.  (Names have been changed or omitted.)

Once, I could not attend my Sunday School class and arrived only in time for Worship.  All morning a couple in our area had been heavy on my mind.  Recent injury and surgery.  I walked up to my Sunday School teacher, Sharon.  We both started to speak at the same time.  She had asked in SS for someone to organize to fix food for this family and visit them.  She had no takers.  So they had prayed that God touch & lead the right person to do so.  I had approached Sharon to ask her could we do some ministry/outreach like a meal to this family.  We both got goosebumps standing on that sidewalk, as we realized how God had it all in play.  I organized and delivered a meal.  Expressed our love and concern to them.  When he had recovered enough from surgery, they visited our church.  Later they accepted Christ, rededicated their lives and became members.  Thank you God for allowing me some small part in that!!!

A good while back a dear woman I go to church with had been extremely sick.  In and out of hospitals.  Often out of church.  No real and solid answers or help for her condition.  I was praying for the names on my prayer list.  Nell was on there, of course.  I kept getting a strong feeling to call her.  I thought I'd disturb her rest, no way to know the right time to call.  The feeling just stayed so very persistent.  I finally gave in and called.  Nell had been feeling lonely, hopeless and useless.  Like a burden to her family.  Her thoughts had been suicidal. She had been praying for God to send her someone.  God thank you for sending me!!!

E-cards.  I love them.  Quick and easy way to let someone know you care.  I had been praying for some online friends yesterday.  Decided that some might could use a little cheer, a note and so I sent some e-cards.  Two I started NOT to send.

One because the woman isso very strong in the Lord, I couldn't imagine her having a need.  But her name kept leaping out of my address book and I sent one.  Here is her reply:  "I really needed that at that moment!  Rough day here at work.  Had to go outside and take a few moments to pray and calm down.  When I came back inside I checked my email and there was your sweet card.  Thanks.  God always knows when to send an angel to pick us up when we need it and He knows exactly when to send His blessings.

As for the other, I knew of no specific need in her life.  But, again, the name just seemed to call from my address book.  So I breathed a silent prayer for her and sent her a card.  Here is her reply, "What made you send me that card? I ask because I sent a prayer up to God yesterday. I guess you could call it a prayer more like a whine or moan with tears streaming down my face... "

I hope no one will be offended I used their story anonymously.  And I hope you don't get the wrong idea.  This entry is not about is about how God can use a weak, cracked, dull vessel to touch a life for a moment or for eternity.  It is not who we are, it is who God is.  God makes all the difference!!


  1. And I definitely needed this reminder today!  Thank you so much for "bumping" me.  :)


  2. butterflies4me04May 24, 2006 at 11:44 AM

    This was an absolutely GREAT entry! I needed that reminder! Thanks alot!


  3. As usual you did another great entry. You were being obedient  to God's call. Good for you. Helen

  4. The card you sent me yesterday came at the perfect moment.  I have tears in my eyes right now because you have no idea how bad things were for me yesterday and today, but God did know and sent you.  Thank you for reminding me that he still cares.

    You will never know how much that card meant to me.

    Thank you Barbara and may God bless you!


  5. thank you for writing this.
    i have a list everyday in which i only do maybe half of :(
    i need to work on that

  6. A great entry - and I love the picture!  I am reminded of a time you sent me an email (I can't even remember wat it was about- because it was quite a while ago) but I remember that at the time, it was something that I really needed!  Thank's for not letting those moments and thoughts go by!  Take care- Carolyn!

  7. AMEN!!  What an excellent reminder to listen to that still small voice and the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  Our own understanding is so limited but God's is far far far far reaching, the worst that can happen when we follow that voice we hear is we get it wrong and learn how to hear better, the best is we are obedent and are blessed.

  8. weak, cracked, dull vessels are probably the best kind for such work... they are prone to be broken, and "sweetly broken" is what we need to be (words from a song I heard on the radio last week... can't remember the name of it. ("At the cross you beckon me, draw me gently to my knees and I'm lost for words, in love forever,...." ). Being weak, cracked, and dull implies that one has been used a great deal.. the "shine" is gone from the outside, but it serves its purpose. Yes, I think He can use us even when we are worn out. It is a wonderful revelation when we recognize this happening, and we know we didn't do it on our own. It is about God. It's always about Him. Bea

  9. great entry! TY for sharing those stories! Blessings i abundance, SassyDeb ;-)

  10. Great entry.

    I once heard that the beauty of us being cracked vessels is that the light of God can shine through. If we were perfect, we would contain all that light within us - as cracked vessels we have more opportunity to let that light out and share it with others!


  11. (smiles) this is such a wonderful entry! and shows the simple ways that God touches the lives of others and how when we're open and willing to listen, He can work through us.

    I have to say, your kind and encouraging words also helped and inspired me during a time of difficulty.

    Shermeen xx

  12. Helping and thinking of other's and not expecting anything in return, is an act of faith in God.     We never know how much we can change a person's well being by a selfless gesture.     I enjoyed reading about what you can do to apply your faith in God.    mark

  13. hello friend love the entry so true and he has used you many times to me and I have also been used by him thank you for sharing this have a great weekend God bless kelley

  14. You're so right! Thank you for the reminder. It's all about being Christ like and as human's wow do we fail often at that task, but it's something each and every one of us should be striving for.

    Thak you for reminding me tonight that I need to constantly be trying to be and do as Christ.

    God Bless

  15. TY for visiting me & leaving a comment! :)
    Enjoyed this entry of yours, very true!

  16. Thanks for that. I'm guilty of not acting on thoughts of friends and family

  17. dreamingbrwneyesMay 29, 2006 at 1:30 PM

    This is a hard entry for me to read write now, feeling so invisible and overlooked. There are times when I don't do, but more often I do, especially when it involves other people. I've never thought God was involved when reaching out like that, and nothing can ever be done too much when he is involved. This has made me think..... and even though my efforts go unnoticed, the big knows what I've tried to do. Thank you for this!!
    ~ Jenny


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