Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just me and the terriers

  There are three generations of Boston Terrier living with us.  And this week it has been just them and me during the days.  There is Xena, the matriarch.  Matilda, her daughter, who puts you in mind of a frightened baby seal.  And there is Blackie, the grandchild, whom Bug so named because of her totally black front legs and paws. 

Xena, Warrior Princess.  Pete named her after the TV show.  And it fits.  There is nothing she won't heard or sic or put up.  She'll go at a hog.  She defends Pete's truck from the chickens.  Her one weakness is thunder.  It makes a puppy out of her again, needing a lap and love.  Xena at one time could ride Emmy the horse and accompanied Pete along on a few rides via saddle bag.  Xena should have been dead three years ago.  From congestive heart failure.  But her desire to live and enjoy life has mystified and amazed her vet.  She saved a liter of grandchildren when Matilda didn't know what to do.  She went in and cleaned each one and chewed the cord as Matilda gave birth.  Then, as she was just beginning to wean her own liter, she lay down and gave them their first meal.  By then, Matilda was starting to come around and Xena faded into the background and let her take over.  I swear Xena understands English.  You can talk to her in sentences, with a normal tone and she'll react and respond appropriately.

Matilda went to live with another couple after her birth.  But she got in trouble with the neighbors.  Seems she was running with the wrong crowd.  So "Matilda finally come back home".  (Those of you who know Swamp Gold should enjoy that bit of humor.) She was a "dead head".  Or so it seemed.  That's what they call the ones that don't exhibit the usual Boston exuberance.  Good for nothing more than a cuddle.  She was very hard to potty train.  Once when Pete was trying to carry her out after a mess she made, she wriggled and squirmed in his arms on the top step and half fell, half jumped out of his arms and landed directly on her head.  She lay on a towel on the couch for a week.  Doing nothing for herself.  Graduallyshe begin to try to move.  I did a little homespun physical therapy with her several times each day.  Now she runs and plays and even gets into trouble with neighbors again! 

Blackie is fiercely protective of our home.  The first to bark.  The one who might actually bite a stranger.  She stays with her granny when they are both outside and becomes more and more like her every day.  Pete calls her "Bear dog."  She's Bugs and she knows it.  She'll sit and wait at the gate when I go to pick the kids up from the bus.  She's over a year old now, but still likes to chew up anything she can find.  Can't trust her in the house alone.  Can't trust her mom, Matilda, outside alone.

I spend a good deal of my day filling food bowls, water bowls, petting, spraying, opening doors for this brood.  Yesterday we had an afternoon of thunder and they were all underfoot every step of my way.

There is a neat site called Little Beasties about some Boston Terriers.  Bergamot looks a lot like Matilda.  And Emrys looks more like Xena.  Take a good long look at Bergamot.  Then play the Can You Find Bergamot game.  I got to tell you, I won!!!!!   On the first try.  But then I've seen a lot of Little Beasties in my time. 


  1. Bet they are a handful. They are cute dogs though. I believe our Jake had a lot of that breed mixed in him. You can look at the sidebar in my journal next time you visit and see the look in him. Have a nice afternoon. Helen

  2. I enjoyed reading about your brood of terriers; very interesting with their own personalities; kind of like each one of us; unique and different.

    I can also imagine its a lot of work with three. Koda, my corgi, keeps me busy and he's just one

    enjoy the day



  4. WOW three generations in one home! Very good entry here, thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for stopping by my jounal too! :)


  5. Haha, animals are such a blessing to us all.  I love the little terriers.  I can imagine that you have your hands full with this little guys and gals.  They are very viscious when they want to be and their bite hurts just as much as a big dogs does.
    Their just little furry people with something to say.  Bet you have a blast with them.

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