Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I Saw it on Facebook...

This is the first of posts in a new series I plan to use titled "I Saw it on Facebook."  In these posts I will display what I saw on Facebook and then expound upon it.  Sometimes it may be a rant, sometimes a memory and other times humorous thoughts.  Tonight, I give you this: 

That sums me up rather well.  I have strong feelings about music and strong attachments and repulsions to it.  My taste ranges from Etta James to Hank Williams, Sr.  From Magic! to the Andrews Sisters.  From Gary Stewart to Cookie and the Cupcakes.  From 38 Special to Frankie Valley.  All I ask of music is that I like the music, that the song touch me in some way, and I enjoy listening to the artist on that song.  There are very few people or groups I could listen to a whole album of.  A few off the top of my head:  George Strait, CCR, or the Eagles.

Music brings back memories to me unlike anything except perhaps for smell.  That's why next April I plan to do my Challenge entries based on the theme "Musical Memories".  

April is a long way off.  So until then, if you want to see if your taste and mine meet anywhere, you can check out my Spotify playlists

So what is your favorite type of music?  An artist you can't get enough of?  


  1. I love George Strait, and this past Summer finally got to go to the Grand Ole Opry. I enjoy old and new music, and a variety of music. You will find country, old band, classical, christian, contemporary, rock, hard rock, rap, etc. on my IPOD, lol. Music I don't care for is anything vulgar or violent and I'm not as crazy as some people are about the new country music stars (i.e., Underwood, Swift, etc.). I like maybe one or two of their songs but could not listen to a whole album.

    1. Today's country all seems to sound the same. The music, the singers. Used to, you knew immediately who it was, and they all had thier own sound, thier own brand of country. I blame the "popping" of country on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. They were the first ones to go that direction for bigger audience share.


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