Saturday, March 29, 2014

Am I up to the Challange?

The A-Z Challange that is.  Who knows!?  I've loved taking part in it the past two years.  And have been looking forward to it since January of this year.   I've had a list of topics for the past two months.  

BUT, since Charles foobared our server at work on January 21st, I've been working a lot of Saturdays.  Staying late.  And then there was Pete's hospital stay for Ground Hog Day.  I've been worn out, frazzled, frayed, abandoned and abused.  So, here I sit on March 29th with no entries written.

I had so looked forward to having most of them pre-written and scheduled so I could just sit back and enjoy blog hopping and reading, commenting and such.  

Well, I gave hubby forewarning tonight that I'm still in the mix.  I'm going forward.  The only thing working on my side this year is the new computer and the new high speed via Hughes Net. 

So, jump in with me, sign on, follow, like, share, comment, read, visit, tweet......the Good Lord willing, I'm going the distance!

See you on Tuesday, if not before.  

Barbara in Caneyhead


  1. Hey Barbara, it is okay. Life happens to the best of us....I'm on board with you, even though I might be a bit behind myself, lol. God Bless and hugs!

  2. It's day three of the challenge now and so far things are working out better than expected. Really hope you're in on it next year!


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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