Sunday, October 6, 2013

Where have I been?

Always either extremely busy or extremely lazy.  Since my last post, I've spent numerous evenings in our pool just chillin' and relaxin'.  Been to numerous church events, including a trip to Artesian Springs & our Annual Singing Convention.  Spent time with my Baby Ruth.  Gone through our closet.  Went into work one Saturday.  Had Pete in the hospital again...this time it turned out to be a TIA or "mini stroke".  Which isn't actually a stroke, but a warning that one might be around the bend. Celebrated another birthday.  Have spent more time with my sister, whom I adore.  And I read the Twilight series at the behest of my daughter, Bug.

That brings me to this weekend.  I had promised her that once I finished the series, we'd rent all the movies and have a marathon weekend.  Watch them all together so we could comment together and compare the movies to the books together. 

So, Friday started an eventful time.  I had found out that some of my old high school girlfriends were getting together Friday evening.  I wanted to be in on that.  My sister, Edna, and her friends from her class have been doing that sort of thing for years now.  Always sounds like so much fun.  Made me wonder why my class didn't do that.  Made me wish, hope we would.  But I never took the bull by the horns and tried to make it happen.  I also had errand to run and me & Bug planned to watch the first movie Friday night, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. 

I decided to split the difference, best I could.  I met the girls at Novrozsky's.  Let's see, there was Cheryl, Cindy, Melinda, Carol Beth, Denise and Lisa, when I arrived.  It was SO GOOD to see them all!  I swear they haven't changed one bit since high school. So hard to figure how we all live in or near our small town, yet almost never run into each other. I was able to visit for about thirty minutes.  Everyone was saying we should do it again, and I sure hope we do.  And that I have nothing else already planned.

I picked up a quick bite for us to eat at home.  Stopped and rented movies.  The first one ended right around time to go towards bed.  Had a little hubby time.  Yesterday we watched one movie and then took the afternoon off.  I went and picked hubby up a tablet that was on sale at Office Depot.  He loves taking pictures of the wildlife around us.  And movies and pictures of our Baby Ruth.  But it can be so difficult to share them with folks on a regular camera.  And he manages to capture some really good stuff!  Thought he'd get a kick out of being able to instantly show them off on screen large enough you didn't need a magnifing glass to see.

Then we ended the evening with a quick taco salade and another movie.  Today, on the agenda, is church then a movie and the last one tonight when we are home. 

It has been a fun time with my Bug.


  1. Good to see you posting Barbara, and sounds like everything is going good, too. Always a plus! Hope you will stay in touch. :-)

  2. Nice to see a post from you. It sounds like you have been extremely busy and not lazy at all! lol


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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