Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Anecdote from the Hospital

Hubby was recently hospitalized for several days for the nasty C diff bacteria.  This meant he had IV fluids from the get go, till check out with constant bags of antibiotics added to it.  Nurses and aides were usually very punctual in coming by to check his poll and adding replacements.

But one night in the wee hours, the box on the pole went to beeping because the saline solution had run dry. Hubby silenced the irritating sound with a push of the button for several brief 10 minute reprieves.  When no one had come yet, he called the nurses station and told them of his need.  This time he left the beeping going.  Minutes turned into more minutes and then an hour.  In total frustration at the lack of attention and the irritant to his sleep, his redneck side slipped out.

He took the IV out of the stint, unplugged the unit from the wall, walked the pole over to the door of his room, sailed it out into the hall, and shut the door behind it.  Soon his room was full of apologetic and busy people.  The pole was restrung with fluids, the IV reinserted and the beeping was silent.

(Note:  As a whole the staff was very nice and very attentive.  And hubby was mild mannered & polite.)

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  1. What a terrible thing to have to experience. Glad it got taken care of though. I bet the nurses won't soon forget the statement hubbies actions spoke. Take care, dear one. Think of you often, always with great affection.


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