Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reflections on the 2013 A-Z Challenge

Once again I survived the A-Z Challenge.  It sounds simple enough in theory, but when real life events smack right up against deadlines to post day after day, simple flies right out the window.

A large part of that is my own life and lifestyle.  Being away from home for about 10 hours each day constricts me and narrows my window of opportunity.  Refusing to pre-write posts weeks ahead of time further restricts me.  And part of it is being stuck on dial-up here in the sticks.  All in all...I say it was worth it.  But my family might not agree with me.  They had late suppers, limited talk time, etc. all because I was committed to something that required my attention every evening for at least an hour, maybe more.

Why was it worth it to me?  Because I love to write first and foremost.  I have always enjoyed sitting down and putting my thoughts and feelings into words.   It used to mean cramped fingers and lots of paper.  But, now thanks to computers, just sit down and let your fingers fly, hoping they can keep up with the thoughts that are flowing.

It was also worth it to me, because I was specifically putting down things for my children to read and remember.  Hopefully in distant years when I am gone from this earth.  Each entry was printed out and given to my sister, Edna, who read them and placed them in a book she is saving for Bug.  Bubba already received his book when he married. 

But it goes beyond these Challenge entries.  I hope my children will eventually find their way to this blog to read.  To know more of their mother's beliefs, sense of humor.  To have a place to remind them of who she was when memories grow dim and their time with her seems distant.

I was a child, and then a very selfish, self absorbed teen when my own parents were still on this earth.  A lot I do know.  I know Mama took violin lessons.  I know Daddy was union through and through.  But so many times I wished I could have known more about their viewpoints:  religiously, politically, socially.  That I could of had them around long enough to have actual grown up conversation with them.

To the A-Z hosts I have nothing but respect and koodoos for how you run the Challenge and it operates.  Thank you for spurring us all on to make more of our writing and connect more with other bloggers.

This years top five posts by page views are:

If you didn't follow along on the Challenge, I hope you'll at least read these five.  And I hope you'll also check out other "reflection" posts.


  1. Congratulations on finishing A to Z! Visiting, Following & Inviting you to my blog sometime too

  2. Congratulations on the completion of the Challenge also a good reflection post,


    1. Thank you! It means something coming from you.

  3. I love that your writings here are something special for your kids to have later :)

    I'm nominating you for a liebster award. Check out the details here:


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