Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello, it's me I've thought about us for a long, long time

Thought about us.  Wondered how you were.  Kept thinking I'd drop by and share awhile.  But time and life got very busy.  And, as with anything, if you stop setting time aside for it, it gets harder and harder to get back to it.  Pretty soon you realize it has been a year or more.  Oh, I've peeked in on you.  And I've read reports on Caneyhead to see what had been going on.  Sometimes those reports made me feel rather insignificant, as it looked like more people were stopping by with me gone than when I was around!  Ha, the ego sure didn't know how to take that one. 

But, today, I am here.  I make no promises and have no expectations.  I just know that today I am here and it feels right.  It feels like home.  

I've seen many bloggers say they stay away because of writer's block.  There have been many things I wanted to say, desired to share with you in the past months.  So, I'd never call it writer's the ideas were there and I'd be writing them in my head....but there wasn't time to come to the keyboard.  And hours would pass....and then sometimes days.  Suddenly what I wanted to say seemed unimportant.  Or I couldn't feel it anymore.   So I didn't care to even try to come and post. 

You see that's how I am about writing.  I can write about just about anything if asked to. And do a fair job of it.  And a few folks that can't write at all might think it is clever. 

But that's not how I prefer to write.  Not the type of writing I enjoy.  In fact there is no real joy in it.  Just a vague feeling of accomplishment in that I can complete a task.  The joy I get in writing...and the only reason I come in having an idea or thought in my head and simply sitting down and writing it out without analyzing it or editing it. 

What you see on this blog that is written by me is all purely straight from my heart and head.  Written all in one setting.  No changes, no editing, no re-writes.  Maybe a spell check, since my 5th grade English teacher told me I could be a writer, but I'd have to have someone proof all my work for spelling.  That was the early 70's.  No one had even thought of spell check then.

When I have these ideas, thoughts, stories, etc. that I want to share it truly burns inside me to share them.  So it hurts me more than it ever could any reader when I can't get here to post.  I suppose I can make one promise...I'll never leave Caneyhead forever.  Whether it is tomorrow or years, I'll always be back.



  1. Life is life - my motto at the moment :) always good to hear from you and always in my thoughts when I log on - as I think we started together.
    Drop by when you can - that's what friends do
    blessings to you

    1. Thank you for remembering! And for your sweet sentiments. I hope to begin to make rounds again, too. God Bless ~ Barbara

  2. Welcome back to the world of blog, Barbara, it's good to see you posting again. There is nothing like a blog for expressing yourself properly.


    1. Thanks, Guido! Yes, blogging helps me sort myself out. Gives me someone to talk too when no one else wants to listen. And makes me think more about things outside my little corner of the world. ~ Barbara

  3. I don't edit either~except for a word or 2 that may just sound dumb in the reread...& mine is in one sitting unless something "happens"...actually getting more rare ;o.

    I figured things were a little rough for you for a while & I am glad to see you peeking your head out. I am sending some good vibes your family's way. ~Mary

    1. Thanks so much Mary, it means a lot. The dust is settling and things here would be quite wonderful if Pete could just feel good more of the time. Can't wait to catch up with you. ~ Barbara

  4. I am so glad to see a post from you... I have wondered so often how you are... I so understand the starting an entry in your head and not getting it to the blog only to have life move on to new blog entries and no time to write... :)


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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