Friday, July 9, 2010

Organizing Caneyhead?

Although provided with a full archive of entries, I find it very frustrating when I go to search and find a specific one. Some I know a certain person would enjoy and want to point that entry out to them. Sometimes I desire to read through an older entry before I post a current entry. And sometimes I just feel sentimental and want to re-read a special entry.

So, in order to help me find what I want when I want it, I'm adding some things to my sidebar. I invite you to explore them and use them to help you navigate your way around Caneyhead to find what you are most interested in.

First, there is "Search this Blog". Sometimes it gets me just where I want to go, but more often than not I am better off just doing a regular Google search to find what I am looking for.

Then below my "About Me" I am adding "My Personal Favorites". These are entries I either enjoyed making more so than others, or where I was striving to share something special. Sometimes about Caneyhead and my life....sometimes insights into my faith.

Next, under my link to Donna's Timeless Treasures, I have "Remembering Family" where I am attempting to list all my entries that focus on a certain family member.

Under my Honest Scrap Award I have added a cloud of labels I have used on different entries. I plan to work my way through adding other labels to previous entries to make them more easily accessible by subject matter.

And then, lastly, is the Blog Archive which though tedious to use does list every single entry ever made here.

So, keep your eye on the sidebar in the weeks to come. Never know what might turn up there that you missed out on the first time around.


  1. I'll be watching but I've read you a long time so maybe I'll find something and maybe I won't.

  2. I'm so blog illiterate... but I will try to figure out what I'm looking for... and still get lost along the way because I'm such a dork! lol... have a great day Barbara...


  3. Woah... lol, the seach function is a bit tedious for a first time visitor as we have no clue what to search for :(

  4. There certainly is a lot there Barb but I will pick whatever I am drawn to.

  5. Barbara you are the woman! LOL I would nto know how to get so organized with blogger!

  6. These are great ideas to making your blog easy to read!!! Hope you are having a great summer!!!
    Lisa in KY

  7. I use the labels at my newer blogs and just love it. Someday I'm going to make it a project to go back through and do this at Menagerie too! It was so nice to see you pop in :-)


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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