Sunday, December 28, 2008

Against the Grain

I'm sorry. As much as the events of 9-11 crushed our collective hearts and even as brave as those folks on Flight 93 showed themselves to be I cannot even begin to condone seizing land to honor or remember them. How does that honor our heritage as a nation? How does that display the notion of personal property, personal freedoms?

As someone who married into a family that had the majority of their land "seized" for the good of the nation this notion scares me, and I think it should scare you. There seldom turns out to be anything fair about fair market value. We must be very careful to make sure the good of the many far outweighs the loss of the individual and families. Or even the loss to a private business or enterprise.

To seize land under eminent domain we should be sure it is for some long reaching purpose that will serve or better peoples lives for some time to come. Highways to connect us and move goods. Dams to provide energy and water. Or even perhaps as in our case to save a chunk of natural surroundings in their pristine state for future generations in a park or preserve.

I cannot comprehend the acreage they want for this thing!! Two hundred and seventy-five acres! What are they planning on building out there?! To me a humble stone marker in the middle of the field would be much more somber and fitting. Do they expect it to be a tourist attraction? And should it be? Like some freakish side show?

Maybe I've lived in Texas too long. (All my 48 years.) Here, for years, it took the federal government for back taxes or failure to pay your mortgage on your land to lose your land. Simple creditors couldn't touch it. Still can't in most every case.

As to the person and or entities to whom the land belongs, I believe that in the unusual circumstances of the situation, caring folk would offer up a section of their land of their own free will either free of charge or for only meager reimbursement. But it should be their CHOICE. As to what to offer, how much to offer and for what purpose and for what compensation.

The heroes of that day can be honored any where, any time. And to best honor them is perhaps to maintain all the freedoms and rights we can.


  1. Iread that also and I agree with you, they don't need all that land just maybe a hundred feet or so to put up a memorial with parking and access to it or maybe raise money to buy all the land if it is for sell?

  2. I agree, Barbara. The govt. used their power to seize far too much land from eminent domain. That is never a fair option. I think the motivation is the time limit in having the memorial done for the 10th anniversary which won't bring anyone back. There already is a small memorial there. I don't think the National Park Service has made many serious offers. This land very close to where I live. There are memorial services held there every Sept 11th. I wouldn't want my property taken from me.

  3. I totally concur. I scratched my head when I first heard the news story. My heart aches for their loss but I just don't agree this is the way to bring honor and respect to their lost loved ones. Not right.

  4. I so agree. That's a huge bunch of land.

  5. We have compulsary purchase in the UK but not for the reason you wrote about. Have a happy new year.
    Jenny <><

  6. Barbara,
    Hope you've had a great Xmas and wish you all that is good for 2009.


  7. Hi Barbara...well said...and I don't think this much land is needed...possibly a large stone of granite somewhere in the town telling of the disaster would be best...maybe a chapel building of sorts...but don't think we need another park for our taxes to upkeep...and what if every disaster of sorts happens..are we going to build parks and monuments to everything...I don't think that would be a good thing...everyone who loses a family member would feel the need to be remembered in a big way...God Bless you New Year...hugs...Ora

  8. Hi Barbara- Excellent post and well thought out. I don't agree either that they ought to "take" the land if they aren't given it. I fear imminent domain here as well, as we have had a few ID cases in Florida and they have no gone in favor of the land owner! The other thing about this memorial, I agree with you in that something small and intimate would be more appropriate. As it is, it seems that the wonning design seems to pander more to the terrorists than our brave citizens anyway, being that the design is a crescent and pointing in the same direction as mecca. I think the designer had rocks in his head when he thought it out, and I think it's highly disrespectful to those who died there.

    God Bless you Barbara- and hope you and all have a wonderfully blessed New Year! love


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