Friday, November 7, 2008

What are the Odds?!?!

Photobucket Good evening all! I suppose I'm in a story mood tonight. Today at work our salesman was teasing his wife about old boyfriends. And that prompted me to share with her a story from the first few months of our marriage.

Prior to meeting and marrying Pete, I had dated a fellow from Beaumont named Rocky for close to a year. He was my last boyfriend before Pete. Then I had met Pete and three months later, we were married. I had a Mustang Cobra unlike any other around these parts and he drove a little red AMX. Two similar sporty cars. I have an old photo of them parked hood to hood and a caption above them that says, "The other couple in love."

But I digress. I don't remember the reason, but one day Pete had to go to Beaumont. Now, being a good country boy, he tries hard not to go to the big city. And to him that is the big city. But for some reason he did need to go and for whatever reason (may have just been to drive something different) he took my Mustang.

Down in Beaumont, Pete was having trouble locating the place he was looking for. Well, he has more common sense than pride, so he pulled in to a tire shop to ask directions. A man was standing outside in the parking lot. Pete parked near him and got out to ask directions. The man was looking the Mustang up and down. Then he was looking Pete up and down. Finally, before answering Pete's question, he asked his own, "I guess you are the guy that married Barbara?" Pete looked at him for a moment and then said, "Yes, I am. And I suppose you are Rocky."

When all was said and done, Rocky told him how to get where he was going. And Pete got a kick out of telling me about this chance meeting. All I can say is "what are the odds?" We aren't talking a tiny one horse town here. And we are talking about a public place....a tire shop. Any way, I knew then and there I'd never get away with anything should I have tried.

I hope you were amused. I love that tale. And our 25th wedding anniversary is getting closer and closer.

Have a great weekend!


Another "borrow" from Hee Haw. Remember how I was saluting cities that visited my blog over at AOL? I don't have any sitemeter set up here as of yet. So I thought I'd do another gimmick from that old show. "Grandpa, what's for supper?" Do you remember that one?

Here we go: Barbara, what was for supper? Well, let me tell you I made an eggplant dressing baked up hot in the oven, with some speckled butter beans cooked down with bacon, fresh, hot biscuits and ice cold milk to round it out.


  1. I was amused and wouldn't mind to have some of that eggplant either.

  2. Sometimes we need a reminder such as that of how small a world this really is. A couple of weeks ago, I ran into a man on my job who worked near where I grew up. Turns out his mother shopped at the same small grocery store my mother did during the same time, his barbershop was the same as mine, and he and I had the same barber! And this was 43 years ago when we were both growing up!


  3. Ha! Yes, great story!

    I remember that bit from "Hee Haw." He'd be cleaning a non-existent window and they'd shout "Hey Grandpa!"

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Great story have a great anniversary!

  5. Life likes to give us a laugh. I have a Pete at home as well.
    Jenny <><

  6. Sure hope you saved me some of your leftovers from last night! Thanks for stopping by this morning :-)

  7. That was a great story about Pete and Rocky, lol, and I remember Hee Haw and Grandpa what's for supper...

  8. That is a good story! And dinner sounds good too!

  9. LOL...what a small world it is but I'm supposing that Mustang of yours was quite unique. My son is a huge Mustang lover. I'd love to see the picture of your "other" loves.

  10. I'm getting hungry reading this... but then again, I'm ALWAYS hungry. lol... I bet Pete and you have more than few stories that make up your 25 years of time together... good stuff Barbara!



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