Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just waiting

The good news is coming!  First, Pete and Bubba got the little metal building all buried and ready to go.  If it isn't needed this go around, it'll be there for any tornado or other severe weather that should come our way.  That is if we aren't all bedded up and sleeping through it.  Lord knows this bunch does their best sleeping in bad weather. 

So far NOAA and our most trusted local meteorologist agree that we aren't going to get any of the really rough stuff here.  Winds topping out at 40-45.  A good deal of rain.  But we are high and dry as far as flooding goes. 

Pete and Bug are spraying a coat of white paint inside the shelter.  So we can see easier in there.  I have chicken & dumplings, peas and fried cornbread ready in here to eat.  Bubba, being 19, just had to run see someone for a little while. 

My stomach is growling!  My, but those dumplings smell good! So, for now all looks really good for us.  My thoughts and prayers are with those for whom it might not be so good. 

Will continue to keep you posted.  We could loose electricity over a hard sneeze around it is always possible that even a gentle storm will leave us in the dark and me disconnected from you.  So, please stick to the old adage that no news is good news.  ;o) 

If you are really curious, you can read our own local forecast here:  KFDM Weather.


  1. Ah, I like having a place to check on things!  Thanks for the link!
    Sounds like y'all will be fine!

  2. Happy Labor Day too You All Be Safe!

  3. Pete and Bubba deserve a pat on the back for getting this safe place installed so fast. My uncles came from Oklahoma where the weather is worse then here so they dug cellars when they built their houses. When I was a kid it stormed when we were there one time and I didn't like going down in there at all. Paula

  4. glad to hear preparations were made and were going well; again stay safe


  5. Sounds like your plan is a good one. I could eat a bowl of those Chicken and dumplings right now. I love them. Ken doesn't so I only get them once in a while. I am glad the worse of it is supposed to miss you. Tornadoes are bad on the outer edges to take care and Stay safe. Hugs, Helen

  6. I hope you enjoyed your chicken and dumplings.... i havent had nay of those in a long while. I hope everyone around the ocuntry will be safe during the storm. Everyone is in my prayers...hugs, Christine

  7. I don't think you willget too much watching the noon report, but keeping you guys in my prayers though anyway because I know after charlie how fast things can change!  It's goo to have good men who know survival insticts!  Thwey wear off on us good women lol!  God Bless and talk to you later Barbara!  Love Carolyn

  8. Dumplings sound so yummy!!  How wonderful you will have a tornado shed.... praying you are all doing well where you are and the storm stays away.  May God send his angels to watch over you and yours and those in the path of this storm.

  9. Lots of good food to keep you company while waiting out the storms is not a bad thing, lol.....
    Special Thoughts....
    Linda :)

  10. der Barbara,
    you family is so strong! I love the way you all hang together!
    And the dinner sounds wonderful!


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