Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just Popping In

(knock-knock)  Well, hello!  Bet you're surprised to see me!  Yeah, been way too long.  I've drank coffee all morning, but I will take a glass of cold water.
I'm on my way to town to get some things and just thought on a whim, I'd pop in and catch up.  Things have been a little crazy as of late.  Oh, we've had water pump troubles and cooling system troubles on my car.  But all that's fixed now, thank God!
Yes, Bubba took a new job.  More money and will be considered a full-time employee and eligible for insurance.  Which that boy needs.  He's a welder's helper, but once again is supposed to be trained in welding.  At this shop it is all heli-arc.  Would be another good craft to learn.  But the drive is so long, and they are working 50 hour weeks....I hope it doesn't burn him out. 
I hate you couldn't come to Hannah's birthday party.  It was a blast!  Plenty of food, water balloons, water guns, pinata.  Not many little kids showed up.  But she still had a blast.  Those in their teens and twenties got to cutting up and playing.  Ended with a round of tossing the football and Frisbee in the rain.  I'm so glad she had a good time.  As things were about to take a turn for her.
Saturday and Sunday she complained a little that her nose was sore inside.  Well, that didn't raise too much suspicion as she'd had a little runny nose and allergies for over a week.  Monday evening she went to vacation bible school.  When she got home she said that near the end she got so cold and couldn't warm up.  So, we took her temp, 100.4.  Gave her some Tylenol. 
Monday, when I got ready for work and went to kiss her goodbye, I thought it seemed her nose was larger than usual right around the edge of the nostrils.  Very strange.  But I lay it off to some allergic reaction.  Told her to take benadryl when she got up.  When I came home Monday evening there was no doubt her nose was larger.  Still had a temp hovering around 100.  But she said she could breath well.  So Tuesday I went on in to work.  Hoping the benadryl would start to work, as she was beginning to look like W. C. Fields! 
When I checked on them the middle of the day, no change.  So I called to make her a doctor's appointment.  Nothing at all open until 11 the next day.  Then low and behold that very night, a co-worker's father was attacked in his home while he was asleep!  Beaten badly.  The bad guys had his wallet and keys.  So she couldn't come in and I had to leave Pete to take Hannah to the doctor. 
Her doctor said she had the worst infection in her nose he had ever seen. Appeared to be a boil.  And he arranged for Pete to take her straight down to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.  I met them there.  By now, Fields nose was on Bug's face!  He confirmed it was an abscess.  Said it could easily land her in the hospital.  Needed surgery to drain it, first thing Thursday A.M. Blood work done.  Pre-registration at the surgery done.  A shot of strong antibiotics and a prescription of cow sized pills.
The surgery went fine.  The staff were all so wonderful!  She came home and did splendidly.  Of course mama had to do some round the clock nursing and dressing changes.  Was afraid I wouldn't be able to be there for her on Friday, missing two days work in one week would hurt my pocket book pretty badly.  But God provided!  A gentleman Pete had done a little work on his truck for earlier in the month showed up Thursday night right at dark with exactly as much cash as the extra day would have cost me!  God often does that....provides exactly what we need.  Not more, not less.  Exactly.  I think that is so we recognize his hand in it.
Friday I took her down to get the packing removed.  Monday she goes to get the drain out.  And now she feels so well she is driving me crazy!  We almost have to sit on her to keep her inside and quiet the way the doctor wants her.
The dry weather and heat has gotten the best of whatever garden we had left.  It seems the heat has Pete feeling worse than usual.  We finally got our stimulus check.  But now the hard part of figuring out the best way to spend it on him.  Which direction will yield the answers he so desperately needs. 
Oh, by the way, my co-workers dad is doing well and the police caught the bad guys!
Here I am just a running on and on.  Guess I just needed to get it out of my system.  Thanks for the water.  Do you need me to pick up anything at Wal-Mart for you?  Or do you want to grab your purse and ride along?

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  1. wow, your poor daughter!!! I'm glad she made a relatively quick recovery after getting the surgery

    seems like life is a busy one, but a good one, thank you Lord for always providing our needs


  2. wow, your poor daughter!!! I'm glad she made a relatively quick recovery after getting the surgery

    seems like life is a busy one, but a good one, thank you Lord for always providing our needs



  4. Glad that Hannah had a good Birthday party. So sorry that she has had that problem with her nose and glad that it is so much better. God does work in mysterious ways. Always to the good. I hope you will find the right way to use the check on Pete. Hugs, Helen

  5. Hope all is well now

  6. Always nice to see a post from you my friend. Glad that Hannah is doing so much better and had a great birthday.

  7. I'm not getting alerts!  grrrr!

    That is really scary about Hannah's nose...who would have guessed it was anything other than a cold to begin with?!

    Hope you have a great week!


  8. Glad Hannah could be helped on her nose problem, Barbara. Welcome back!

  9. Miss Hannah certainly had an ordeal didn't she?  Glad she is feeling better.. Linda

  10. Hey!  It's so good to see you.  I enjoyed your visit.  I'm glad your car is running fine now, and I'm so glad Bubba has a new job.  I hope that works out well for him.  Poor Hannahbug!!  I'm so sorry she had to go through that.  I hope she's staying quiet and will soon be good as new!  Glad it at least happened after she had such a wonderful party.  I'm also glad your co-worker's father is doing okay and that they caught the guys who robbed him.  Hope he isn't too traumatized.  Take care, and don't be so long coming for a visit next time!

  11. glad  things are improving  for her.   you take care  mort xx

  12. Dear Barbara,
    I'm so happy that Bubba got a position that he wanted!
    I'm thrilled that Hannah had a birthday!Cool party!:)
    I am soooo sorry that she had to have surgery sweetie.
    I'm sooo glad that she's okay and that guy helped!

  13. I'd love to ride along to wally world with ya!~  I bet we'd hae a ball!  I'm so sorry about Bug's nose!!!  I'm grateful you caught it in time as that really could have been serious!  I can't believe though that she wasn't in more pain- as boils hurt like heck!!!!  Poor girl- I am so glad she's better and that God moved the way He did!  I do hope and keep Pete and you in my prayers that the doc's will find out for sure how to help Pete.  I'm  glad too for Bubba- as being a welder- especially and Arc welder is a VERY good job!  He could work almost anywhere once he gets all his training.  God Bless you more Barbara!  Have a good rest of the week~  Love Carolyn

  14. Mazol Tov on being chosen as an guest editor's pick.

  15. So nice to read your entry... and catch up with all that is going on in your world.

  16. I have readers in Italy but they are relatives, does that count? :-)  Congrats on being a guest editor's pick.  I love that she said you never judged her. Trust me when I say no one will ever write that about me!
    Great about the new job for B, positions w/more money in this economy are rare. ~Mary

  17. just popped over to say congrats on being a guest editor's pick this week!! thanks for the kind words you left in my journal after today's entry :)


  18. How horrible for bug, i'm glad it'a getting better now.  Congrats to Bubba on his new job, and yes God is so good and our provider.
    Jenny <><


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