Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bestowed and Bestowing

Geez, louise!  When AOL finally gives you something, they really give it!!  We have asked for more mood choices for how long?!?  And now I come today and find a list so long I can't even make up my mind!!! 

Pam, at Almost Forty has bestowed upon me a precious.   I'm flattered.  And would love to pass it on.  But as I was reflecting upon doing that, I couldn't think of anyone who blogs here and comments here that I wouldn't pass it on to.  You have all become very special to me for verious reasons;  kindness, humor, friendship, prayers, information, helpfulness, etc. 

And as I considered the dauntless task of naming each one, I was much too fearful I'd leave someone out.  So please, consider youself as special to me!!  And consider yourself awarded!

Want to share with each of you a picture of Blaze's colt.  Bug took this with her disposable camera not long after she was born. 


She's filed out now.  And bouncy and happy.  Blaze is super protective of her, after having that still born colt last year. 

Bug and her Prissy horse are getting along great.  She's been seperated from her mama now.  She's so calm!  Bug pets and loves all over her.  Looking forward to and dreaming of the day she can ride her. 

From SE Texas,  Bridge City........just 32 miles from me....SALUTE!!


  1. Great picture of your horses

  2. beautiful colt!! I know, there are great mood choices, aren't there?

    so sweet of Pam with the award she did; you certainly are a dear, special friend!

    take care of yourself


  3. You're precious to us too Barbara!!!  I'm blessed to have you for a friend~  What a sweet little baby, I love the long legs!  We had a fewbabies here last year near us (down th road a piece) and I loved going by and seeing them so long legged with their mammas!  I'm glad Bug is getting to know her Prissy too.  God Bless y'all!  LoveCarolyn

  4. Hi Barb....the colt is beautiful...keep the pics coming so we can see her growing!!!!  and the award is one deserves more than you...yourself!!!!  but a question????  what is aol moods list???? LOL...have I missed something....meeeeeeee LOLOL...surely not...but I must have....which is not unusual considering all!!!!!  hugs Ora in KY

  5.  The colt is beautiful.  I love that gawky stage


  6. That baby is so precious. I love the Picture. Love Pam xx

  7. Thanks for considering me special Barbara. I've been called that before but this is the first time it was meant in a nice way. :)   Right back atcha!! By the way was that SALUTE a Hee Haw reference? I remember those salutes on that show. I was raised on watching Hee Haw and the Lawrence Welk show... back to back on Saturday evenings. Kinda like Wrasslin' and Roller Derby on Saturday mornings... Well from the Ohio-Michigan border... Luna Pier... population 1418 (I think they were counting the pets and mayflies too...)   SALUTE!!!!


  8. Congrats on your new baby!!The baby horse is sooo very cute!! We had horses when I was younger. I used to absolutely love them. I really cant have them anymore because of my fibor and because financially I couldnt care for them like I should. Thank you for the friend award. .... love, Christine

  9. Awww the colt is sooo cute and what long legs it has. You certainly deserve the special friend award. Paula

  10. I love seeing a picture of Blaze's foal.  She's a cutie.  I'm glad to hear she and Blaze are doing well, and so happy Blaze has a baby to love and protect this time.  Congrats on receiving an award from Pam.  That's how I feel about most of the people who comment in my journal and who's journals I read -- otherwise I wouldn't read them! lol

  11. Yes aren't all these mood choices a blast!!!


  13. I know what you mean about that mood list... ugh... I couldn't decide... it took so long to read all those tiny word choices. So I continue to leave mine blank most of the time. I think folks can figure out my mood by reading my words. Ah, a special friend award... sweet. I'm like you, I wouldn't know who to give it to because I find all my visitors are my very special friends. have a good weekend, Barb. bea


So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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