Sunday, March 9, 2008

Chili Dog Night




Someone sent me an email that had the above photo in it.  I got a real kick out of it.  That should be a sure fire way to get a parent to mind a child.  And if they don't, well, they'll be paying for it for a while! 

Gorgeous day here today!  And a good one for the most part.  I remembered the time change Friday.  But totally forgot it on Saturday.  So this morning I was drinking my coffee and reading emails when I thought it must be about time for Bug and I to dress for church.  I looked down at the clock on the PC and thought "Oh, boy!  Time change!"  So needless to say we didn't even try to go as services were surely already started. 

Pete spent the day helping his nephew work on his Toyota.  Cooked a little sausage and boudain on the small pit for snacking. 

Bubba covorted with a friend and put some chrome tips on his exhaust.  Finally has that sound he's been after on his truck.

Bug tried all day to get ahold of a friend to come and play, but allas, they were gone somewhere.  So she piddled on her own, complained a lot and got me to play some Yatzee and cards with her. 

Me?  Oh, I relaxed mainly.  Read journals.  Did a little laundry. 

Now tonight the temperature is dropping fast.  We're all settled in the house and have chili dogs.  I made chili last night.  Figured to get by easy again by recycling it as chili dogs.  No complaints around here though.  Everyone seems to be stuck on chili.  Can't seem to get enough of the stuff.

Pete and I have an anniversary looming ahead of us this week.  I plan to, hope to get a special entry done and posted by then.  Not so much a me and he thing.  More of an ode to a man I really admire.  'Cept for when I want to kill him.  ;o)

Take care and stay connected to the Source!



  1. Hi....and I will have one of those chili dogs...with cheese if you have it....and a bit of chopped onion....relish....and sauerkraut...if available....LOL....I mean...go for it alllllllllllllll!!!!! we had our big snow here this week end...8 inches....but today temps went up...sun came out and most of the snow is gone....aren't just relaxing days good????  I love them...every now and then...but not too often....get lazy that way....God Bless...hugs...Ora   ps...the sign was precious....LOLOL

  2. The picture didn't show up for some reason.  I love chili dogs.  Our family can't get enough chili either.  Sorry you missed church.  We teach first graders so it isn't an option for us to miss!

  3. We only had eight people in attendance at our little church today. Guess they forgot to change their clocks. Chili is always good even recycled from another meal. Paula

  4. I almost forgot to spring forward but remembered at about midnight last night.  Glad everyone enjoyed their chili dogs!

  5. chili dogs sound delicious!!

    looking forward to reading your anniversary entry :)


  6. That sign is hilarious, wonder if they meant it?  Glad you had a nice relaxing day with Bug, playing cards, reading Journals - things I should catch up on!  And what IS that mysterious sound guys always need in their engines? lol CATHY

  7.  Chili dogs, yummy.  We use are left over chili for that also.


  8. That is a cute sign he he...

    Chili dog night is always good around here, fast meal, thats what I like. Hope y'all Anniversary is going to be a great one. :)

  9. Enjoy your anniversary, Barbara. The graphic is a hoot lol

  10. Superb! lol. I loved that sign. I would have had my wee treasure chained to me if I had seen that! Loved the bit about the man you admire..... They are all like that! lol. Love Pam xx

  11. ROFLMBO at the sign!!! LOL

  12. I live for days like that....... :-)   Glad you had a nice, quiet day.  Sounded peaceful.


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