Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Little Sis

Two years ago I met a young woman online.  Lisa was in her early twenties, living at home.  She was relatively new to Christ, but she managed on her own to go to church regularly. 
Lisa was timid, yet kind and friendly.  We started IM'ing back and forth fairly often.  Little by little I learned more of the hard road she had traveled in her young life.  And little by little I realized how strong she was to stand for Christ more or less alone in her world.  I admired her resolve.  I loved her heart.  I have never lay eyes upon her or heard her voice, but Christ gave me a little sister in little sis in Christ. 
She has recently joined us here in J-land.  And in a big sister fashion, I emailed a few of you to go by and make her feel welcomed.  What I didn't realize is that those I were sending to minister to her, were being the ones ministered to!  I knew she has some talent for writing.  I did not know the depth of the gift God had given her for sharing her journey in such a fresh, new way and with so much of her within it.
I had snagged this beautiful graphic by Donna, many moons ago.  The dove spoke to me of the Holy Spirit.  The first definition of peace spoke to me of the peace that passes understanding;  God's imparted peace.  Somehow, it just fits to finally use it here, on this entry. 
Treat yourself to a blessing.  Go visit my Lil' Sis:   My Innermost Being


  1. Thank you for sharing Lisa's journal!

    God Bless

  2. Going to go by and see and visit you little sis.  You are a blessing to her I am sure.

  3. Beautiful graphic!  Donna is one talented lady.

    I'll go by and see Lisa's journal.  :)


  4. Hi Barbara Ü,

    I just finished visiting Lisa's journal & wow what a blessing it was to read something so incrediabily refreshing and deep! She seems like a wonderful Lady inside and out. I look forward to reading more of her journal Ü.
    Thank you for sharing her journal with us.


  5. Visited your pretty litte sis yesterday to welcome her to J-land. Paula

  6. She is an amazing girl!  I know some of what she's written had my name all over it. Thank you Barbara for telling us about her!  God bless~  Carolyn : )

  7. Lisa is extremely talented and warm, has a unique, fresh way of writing that I love. Her heart is precious...truly reflects Christ, which of course makes me love her instantly. I love the graphic below too. Is it okay if I snag it. Would love to use it in a future entry? Sorry I've not been by. Had my alerts turned off for quite awhile but am trying to make the rounds again, as I'm able. God bless you, dear one.

  8. I am very glad the two of you found each other.  There are so many wonderful people here in j-land!  I am going to go meet her!
    Hope you are having a good week.

  9. What a wonderful way to welcome a J land friend!!!  Thanks for sharing!!!!  Hugs,

  10. Will go now!
    love ya,

  11. Came by way of Magic Smoke and enjoyed your journal.I am now on my way to your little Sis'

  12. Thanks for your story--that's very special!


  13. The more you love Jesus, the more trials you encounter.  I see this each day and praise the Lord for it!

  14. Yes, Lisa seems very complex and interesting.  This graphic is just beautiful, that dove reminded me of a story "someone" once told me of the Holy Spirit (smile) CATHY


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