Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm Alright

So many of you know approximately where I live, and so many of you keep your eye trained on tropical storms and hurricanes.  I wanted to come and reassure you all that we are fine and all is well in the wake of Humberto

An estimated 100,000 customers without electricity, down toward Beaumont, Pt. Arthur and Winnie, TX.  The sneaky storm turned into a hurricane around midnight and came in through High Island and Bolivar in the wee morning.  Could take up to three days to restore electricity to some.

We are approximately 33 miles N.E. of Beaumont.  We had no particularly high winds.  Rain, but nothing to be any real problem.  Our school buses ran and it's business as usual.

There is street flooding in the city.  And some downed trees.  Some reporting lost shingles on roofs. 

Basically Humberto was small and compact, and moved relatively fast through the area.  This made things better widespread, but for a few directly in the path it packed a waulup.

I am happy this is my regular day off from work.  I didn't have to drive in and deal with flooded off ramps.  It just crossed the Sabine River, into La. now.   



  1. I am glad that you and your family are safe Barbara. Thanks for letting us know. Hugs, helen

  2. Good to hear you're not directly affected by Humberto. It was a nasty surprise for many in eastern TX and LA.

  3. Thank you for letting us know you are alright. I was worried this morning thinking of you all and Paula....


  4. Glad to know all is well for you. I had no clue about this particular hurricane! LOL That's what happens when you don't watch the news much! LOL

  5. Thanks for the reassurance.  I'm glad this wasn't any worse than it was.
    Praise the Lord!

  6. So glad you are safe!!  And what a blessing you didn't have to drive in it!!!!  Miss you!!!

  7. glad you are ok

  8. I'm glad to know that you guys are okay and not without electricity.

  9. YEAH!!!  I'm glad you're ok and safe...

  10. I'm glad it was small and fast.  The damage could have been so much worse for everyone.  I remember a few times when I lived in Tyler seeing the Sabine flood.  We used to get a lot of rain up there.  Glad you guys are all doing OK Barbara!  Love Carolyn :)

  11. I always think about you and your family when bad weather threatens Texas.  Am so glad you are fine and think it's so nice that you thought enough of others to let us all know you are ok.

  12. My mother is visiting her sister in CT, so I don't have to worry about her and the hurricanes threatening the Gulf these past couple of weeks. Glad to know you are well. bea


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