Thursday, August 23, 2007

Want to be a Slacker?

Ever just want to really enjoy some music, maybe just to relax to?  Or you want to hear something that will put a spring in your step and keep you going?  Want to be able to clue someone in on some of your favorite artists of all time?  Is your favorite music lost, on scratched CD's or even on 8-track?  Well, you may be a Slacker. is one of the hot, new things around.  It's online radio.  But not just any online radio.  You can pick and choose from a never ending supply of stations and artists.  You can customize their stations to your preference or make one of your own!  You can listen online or take the music with you.  It's a definate must check out. 

A while back I posted my rocking girl blogger award and did a little spin off on the music I grew up on and the music I really enjoy.  Check out my custom station I made.

                                                     BARBIE'S BEAT


Barbie's Beat plays the best music from .38 Special, Aretha Franklin, Ben E. King, Bon Jovi, Bread, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, Jay & the Americans, Johnny Rivers and many more!


  1. Barb I know this is going to come as a big shock to you, but I got to the station, clicked on Barbie's Beat, clicked on which artist, but got nothing ROFL I am going to come back later and try again. I'm listening to the Braves Game and they just tied it.  Sorry I lost your comment in my journal, but you know me I have trouble putting pics in and when I deleted the pic trying to fix it, I lost the comments. so sorry, but thanks for visiting and leaving one. gg/Jackie

  2. ohhh, I might be an addict!

  3. Hi Barb...well I went to "slacker" and it was great....but you know...over 30 years ago I lost my hearing due to disease of ears etc....could hear sounds...noises....but could not discern speech...and then I lost my hearing completely....and was able to get a cochlear implant....and now I hear very well...but for some reason music doesn't come in well for me...clear...know what I mean...and the telephone is also something that gives me trouble....but otherwise I hear fine....I love music....any kind of music....used to play organ and piano....not much anymore...well thanks for listening LOL...didn't mean to write an epistle!!!!!  but I am sending Slacker to my daughter and granddaughter.....they will love it for sure....hugs...Ora of KY

  4. I wander why they call it slacker...are we lazy cause we like
    donna In TEXAS

  5. I love this!!!!  Thanks for the link!

  6. Good grief Barbara- you have about as an eclectic mix as I would pick!  This is neat, and I'm gonna go check it out right now.  Thanks~  Hope things are going well with you all!  God Bless!  Love Carolyn :)

  7. Heard of Slacker, now I'm bookmarking it, thanks Barbara.  Time to listen to your tunes, I'll be back!  xoxo CATHY


  9. Thanks, hon. This really appeals to me because I love being able to hear music I want to hear. Sometimes it's difficult to find what I want on the radio.
    Will try this.

  10. Wow I will have to try this!!  Thank you so much for sharing.  Miss you stopping by in my journal and haven't seen ya in a coon's age... thought maybe you weren't getting the alerts so here's the link again!!  Have a great weekend!

  11. I think I could really learn to like this!

  12. Awesome! I didn't know about it. I just used AOLs or my Comcast. I'm on the 70s!


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