Saturday, July 8, 2006

Just Me


                 (another of Donna's beautiful graphics, from This, That and Hockey.)

I swear that could be my Bug standing there.  Except we have no cows.  It'd be a colt or a goat at our house.  Every night after dark, I have to call her in from the big fig tree beside the house.  See there are a lot of chickens who like to roost there.  Bug climbs up in amongst them and pets them all. 

Been a lot of frequent showers through here in the past week.  And a few stormy ones.  We lost our electricity for over three hours on the 4th of July!  Between the holiday and the rains and an uncle of one of Pete's best friends passing, the guys have been home all week.

Me, well, I felt lousy all last week.  By the Thursday before the 4th I was putting old drops of Bug's in my right ear, for the pain.  Monday, I made it to the doctor.  Strep throat.  First time in my life I have been diagnosed with it.  Haven't had the raw throat....but pain in my cheekbones, my ear, where my wisdom teeth were removed 25 years ago, and in my right tonsil.  (Yep, I still have them.)

I have done nothing been been very lazy.  Slept a lot.  Finally got out and went to Wally World yesterday.  Bubba went with me.  I got groceries, hopefully for a week.  And Bubba bought both him and his dad a new pair of work boots each.  Out of his first ever real, certifiable paycheck.  

I've had computer issues.  Been on the AOL Tech boards getting a helping hand with them.  So, if you've wondered about me.....that should explain it.  

If I missed seeing something on your journal you really wanted me to see, send me an email with the link and I'll swing by.  I know most of the alerts I have, I'll never get to. 

And I will give you the 9th Devotion on Marriage.  Just been there myself.

I'll try to come back and be witty or inspiring or something when I feel a little more like me.     


  1. That is a cute graphic and that is amazing that Bug climbs among the chickens and pets them. I am so sorry you have not  been feeling well. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs, Helen

  2. naturegirlfromnyJuly 8, 2006 at 6:37 PM

    How cute, Bug reminds me of Sarah alot...  Linda

    You take care of that strep is nothing to let go on....I had it when I was small and it threw me into Rhuematic fever.

  4. Feel better soon!
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Linda :)

  5. hope you are feeling well again soon!
    take care

  6. aww hope you feel better now. I love the picture too, no cows or chickens here but dogs ,lo. My computers been awful slow latley. Hope you got yours fixed ok

    take care

  7. I hope you are over that strep..its awful to get!! Sounds like lots going on around you too. Take it easy!

  8. butterflies4me04July 9, 2006 at 8:15 AM

    awww I hope everyone is feeling better soon!


  9. Sorry you've been under the weather - strep is the worst!

    That is an absolutely adorable graphic.  I really want to learn how to do that! (but where would I find the time?  LOL!)

    Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday.


  10. Sure hope you are feeling much better by now. You know I love the graphic and that is so cute about Bug climbing up with the chickens. I think I am getting the message why her name is Bug. Paula

  11. Hi Barbara.  Sorry you haven't been feeling up to par.  You said you visited me through CarnivAOL (in my Latin bumper sticker entry) but we have both visited each others journals before, I remember because you have a very unique name for your journal, LOL.  I love your journal very much.  It is so full of faith.  I love the series on marriage.  I get so blessed by it.  Anyway, I hope you feel better soon, and God bless you.


  12. Hi,
    Sorry to hear of your ill health, hope it clears soon. Don't worry about not catching up on alerts, I've got them coming out of both ears lol

  13. I sure hope you feel better soon.  Maybe you will be by the time you read this one.  I had strep once when I was in my 20's.  Wouldn't wish it on my enemies.  I think it's really cool the way Bug can climb up and pet the chickens.  My son can't get the few we have in a coop to come to him yet.( Can it be that he lures them with feed, then chases them all around?!  Naw! LOL)  anyway- just read your last post too- the one before this one.  I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling the pang of missed opportunities.  I've done the same, and as I go through yet another birthday and think about all the times I've missed doing- I pray that I can become radical too.  That God will change my heart in a radical way.  Get better soon- love Carolyn

  14. I went thru several weeks of anti-biotic ear drops for my infected and draining ear that has a permanent perforation.    I was told once by a nurse that a problem with the ear drop bottle is that if the dropper touches the infected fluid and is put back in the bottle, then the anti-biotic bottle is infected and of no use.      I had to lay on my side for about a half hour after putting the drops in and squish around my ear with my fingers to get the drops past the fluid to the ear drum where the drops can do some good.     When I went back to the doctor he said my ear was healed and doing fine.     Thanks for your comment in my journal about the construction that is taking place.     I am still catching up on alerts as I am either working on the construction here or resting from the strain on my back.     Right now my alerts are off until I can reduce my mailbox from the 182 still there.    Donna's graphic is wonderful as always.     mark

  15. Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for stopping by my journal and saying hello Ü. I LOVE your journal and the wonderful graphics. You sound like you have a wonderful family Ü.  I have a grand daughter named Katie she's seven months old and I call her Katie Bug lol. So it was cool to hear your daughter is called bug also.
    I hope you are feeling some better...strep throat is miserable! You are sooooo blessed this being your first time having it ever, wow. It's a common thing in both mine and hubby's family.
    I think what Bubba did for him and his Dad was really nice Ü. I know you both are proud of him. BTW our son is twenty-three and his nick name since baby hood is "Bubba" lol. I will be a regular visitor to your journal. And will enjoy getting to know you and your family.

    Blessings YSIC, Donna

  16. So a person can really get help on those Tech Boards, huh?  I'll try it, this AOL really does only what it wants lol!  Hoping the ear infection isn't too painful on its way to healing.  Great seeing you again.  CATHY

  17. Hi Barbara!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!  Can you work with that? Bug climbs a tree with the chickens?  That is too cute! Aww you are ALWAYS inspiring, even when you are not feeling very witty!

    Love and Blessings!

  18. Sorry to hear about your throat, Mike and I have been unwell also. Did a post yeserday so must be feeling a bit better.  Love the graphic.

  19. Doing catch up here.
    Need to go read 9th.

  20. Hi Barbara
    I know I'm late reading this so I hope you are way better now!
    Love the graphics and about bug petting the chickens
    How is the goat?

          MISSING YOUR ENTRIES.                  SAM

  22. Sorry to hear you have strep, Barbara.  My daughter had it four times in a year after we moved to Colorado.  I am excited about being a part of the prayer group and had already met many of the members in J-Land.  It is unbelieveable the wonder friendships and support they have given me in the past year and a half.  Looking forward to getting to know you better too.  I pray you feel better real soon!~



So glad you stopped by! Come 'round any time. ~ Barbara

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