Monday, April 17, 2006

Dear Paige,


Hope this finds you and yours doing well.  Thought I'd let you know what has been going on around here.

I went in to work on the 4th and helped them get statements out.  Everyone was kind to me.  Enjoyed the day, really. 

I've been getting a few things accomplished around the house.  Bought a hummingbird feeder.  We have steady traffic to it, especially in the mornings and late afternoons.  Makes sitting on the porch all that more enjoyable.

Had a chance to go to work full time here in town.  A place I had inquired at last fall, before the storm.  But I just don't want the demands of full-time employment for now.

Finally got some help in Children's Church!  A couple.  They are great.  He just loves it.  And she joins him and helps whenever she can.  Giving me a much needed rest from the weekly duties involved in it.

Did I tell you that Pete's colt, Stanley died?  Yeah, poor little thing.  Just 10 months old.  Looked so much like his mama you'd have sworn they were twins if they had been the same size.  We think he foundered in the night.  See, Pete had brought home some hog slop during the day, fed half to the hogs, set the bucket on the ground and put a board on top.  Bubba comes in from school and lets the horses out to graze like he is supposed to, without knowing about the slop.  All we can figure is the nosy little thing musthave gotten into it as the board was gone.  And when Bubba fed and put him up at dusk, all seemed fine.  The next day, there he was.  Heartbreaking.  He was supposed to be Bug's horse. 

Bubba had to give up his feedstore job.  Just too much around here for Pete to keep up with on his own.  But I told you how well he did in the TSA competition.  And he is still getting some odd jobs.  Just Saturday he cleaned and burned a huge pile of debris for Bro. C.W.

Did your kids have a good Easter?  Pete brought Bug home a 3 month old little nanny goat Friday.  Red with white ears speckled with red.  Bug calls her Rosa Bell.  

We had a really quiet Easter weekend.  Had our main meal Saturday evening.  Wonderful time of worship and fellowship at church Sunday morning.  Stayed for dinner and a huge egg hunt for the kids.

Suppose I'd better run.  Have to pay bills today and need to run errands.

Take care and give my love to all!


P.S.  The pretty pictures are by my friend Donna.  Check the margin for her addresses!


  1. I am so s orry about the colt.

  2. So sorry about the colt. I know everyone was upset about that. Hummers huh? I love those beautiful  little things. Helen

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the colt I myself know how heart crushing it is. I'm excited about Bug getting a goat.

  4. Sorry about the colt. You will enjoy the hummers year after year. They are full of antics. I have a feeder I can see from the dinning table and one I can see from the front door. Paula

  5. This is kind of a sad entry, sorry about the colt : (
    Humming birds are a joy to watch, they are fast though.
    Take Care,

  6. That is tragic that the slop was lethal to a colt.   There was a calf that I didn't close the pen on properly and when we got back home it had been in the alfalfa field and got bloated.   We were worried it could die and the neighbor talked about a remedy using a hose to release the gas or some had to have an incision by a Veterinary.   It finally got better on its own I believe.   That was a long time ago.    mark

  7. Its so sad about Stanley.
    I'm not a huge bird fan in the sense of having them as pets and handling them, in fact they scare me. but i like watching them from afar so long as they don't poop on me. that kinda stuff happens all the time over here cause we have so many pigeons. but humming birds aren't so bad. i don't mind them.
    Rosa Bell sounds so cute!

    Sherms xx


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