Saturday, September 3, 2005

All anyone is talking about


Well, it's all anyone is talking about.....Katrina and it's I suppose I'll wade into the waters, too.  Many of the journals that are listed in my sidebar have good comments and well wishes on them.  I want to specifically mention Sweeping the Cobwebs of My Mind, because she has a list posted of the countries who are offering aide to the US in our time of crisis and need.  I do hope our nation accepts many of these how often does a nation truly have the chance to help the US?  And if they are sincere, would it not be a slap in thier face to refuse their help?  It is our very self sufficient and self indulgent image that often sets others teeth on edge.

My overwhelming question is not as much why isn't help pouring in quicker, but why were so many ever left in the city in the first place....when they were calling for a manditory evacuation.  Did they not know how many were there that had no means to evacuate?  Why didn't they commander Greyhound and such?  Perhaps the strains of the song from 25 years ago were echoing in their ears....."don't mind the strains of a hurricane, they come round every June....that dark black water, she's the Devils daughter, she's hard and she's cold and she's mean, but we finally taught her it takes a lot of water to wash away New Orleans."

 In a more personal and local vane, we are 30 miles NE of Beaumont, TX.  I am proud of how our state is responding to our LA neighbors.  In Beaumont both Lowes and Home Depot have pledged to match donations dollar for dollar.  People are coming up to the shelters, asking what is needed, leaving and returning a short time later with those very items.  Some are going to shelters to bring people home with them to live.  The state is leaving agency's open for the weekend that might assist those in need.  Tiny counties and metropolitan areas together.  Already helping willing people find jobs.  Others being rushed through for emergency food stamps and aide.  I am very proud of my state.....and especially of those in my area!  Though it may very well mean the jobmarket I am trying to enter may get very conjested!!

A local channel put up a computer generated thing.....they took what happened in LA with Katrina and ran a program where instead Beaumont took a direct hit from a catorgory 5 hurricane.  Everything South of I-10 would be under water.....a surge up the Neches River would come all the way up the river bottom just shy of us. 

Terri over at Farm Life asked about gas and prices in our areas.  I went to the feedstore earlier today.  They were out of all grades of fuel, but expecting a drop this evening.  The other store I passed only carries reg. unleaded.....they had it for $2.79/gal.  Probably an older drop.

I hear many wondering about end times.  My own veiw is when I see Jesus desending toward the the sun rises in the morning......I'm out of here!  All disasters will accelerate certainly.  Wars and rumors of wars.  Famine and pestilence.  All these things have long been with us, and will be right up to the end of the earth.  Are they truly intensified, or is it the vast expansion in knowledge and communication that makes it seem so?  Both I think.  In my head I wonder if there is some poetic justice in that we (our government) supported Isreal making refugees out of many of their own did a Higher Authority make refugees of many of ours?  You see so many wrecked casinos and gambling barges.........did this make this area a target?  Or in His infinate mercy did God turn the brunt of the storm just in time....that the levy's did wait almost a day to fail....that water did not rush in so fast as to drown every person left there?  I am neither Bible scholar enough nor saint enough to be certain of any of it.  But I do know my Sweet Savior.  And I know that he tarries that all may have time to repent and turn to Him.  I know His mercy is unending and His love and forgiveness everlasting. 

I do not know why my last entry would not allow comments.  I checked my settings and they are correct.  If anyone trys to comment this time and cannot......please shoot me an e-mail, so I can shoot AOL.  lol  No, so I can get with them and see what's wrong.  Anyone wishing to comment on the previous entry I am so sorry for the inconvience, but it's beyond me!


  1. A very interesting entry indeed.  Being a Brit, I cannot really comment much about the area but I hope it does not cause offense to anyone, because no offense is intended, to say that now maybe George Bush and his government will wake up to the fact that Global warming has to be taken seriously.  All attempts to get him to sign up to any treaties have so far failed and all mankind has to pull together to cut down on pollution and the damage we are causing to our world.  People will say, yes but there have always been hurricanes. Indeed, there have and there will always be until the end of time but there is also no doubt that weather conditions all over the world have changed considerably and much of it is due to man.  As for the"end days", I really would not know, I am not a scholar in that direction either.  All I do know is that man has been predicting the end of the world for centuries. Men were convinced 1000 years ago that the end of the world was coming.  We are still here.  It is up to the Lord for how much longer but that does not mean that we should not do our part to clean up our world and to try and put an end to war.

  2. I enjoyed your entry and have read the previous one on oil companies.  Why did the car manufacturers not see a price increase in gas inevitable.  What happened to the 70's when our nation sought to conserve?  The SUV's that use more gas, cause the consumption to rise, along with India and China useing more gasoline.  Now the high prices are here.  Supply and demand are the nature of capitalism.  As far a Bible scholars, I have been reading "An Historical Introduction to the New Testament" by Bart Erhman.  He explores extensively the original manuscripts of the Ist Century.  Paul is verifiably the author of many of the manuscripts attributed to him.  Other authororship can be traced to manuscripts that has been attributed to various authors using the name of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and others.  Many 1st century manuscripts have been lost.  People at that time passed much of the word of Jesus by mouth to many illiterate people.  Manuscripts by anonymous authors have been attributed in name sake to Mark, Matthew, Luke, and others.  This does not take away from the meaning of the Bible, since the author himself comments that he believes in Christianity.  Just thought I would write this, and I believe in the word of Jesus.    Take care,   mark


  4. I enjoyed your entry.  I was wondering myself if this is the beginning of the end times.  It certainly is turning out as stated in the bible.  Floods, famine, war etc...  Have you read the Left Behind series?  Very interesting stuff....  Linda

  5. Thanks for shareing your thoughts. I have wondered if the news blew the lootering up to be more than it was. Why did they leave people stranded so long?
    Reguar gas is hard to find here alot of stations are sold out.
    Our governor is going to waiver the taxes till the end of the month. It is still 2.99 average.

  6. It is hard for me to grasp why so many stayed behind too when they knew the storm was mentioned the end times and yes, I believe this is it....more things have become in my life more obvious to that within the last 10 years.  I was thinking as I read your entry that those who stayed and are now still enduring so much and haven't been rescued are somewhat like what the Bible says those who are enduring the times after the rapture of the church ... they knew of what was coming and didn't do anything about it.  What a shame....God bless our country and our allies and God bless states like yours who jumped in immediately!  Happy Labor Day! (hugs) ~Dawn

  7. yes it does make you wonder and makes you think. I feel for the victums and keep them in prayer.  Myself it simply shows me the Lords return is closer than ever, :), Im waiting anxiously



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